Apply for SAFE


SAFE Voyage Application opens on May 13th.

(You must be logged into your Charlotte Google/Email to access the application)

Before you apply for the safe program, be prepared to provide the following the information:

  • Your UNC Charlotte credentials (email login)
  • Your UNC Charlotte Student Id Number (800-number)
  • Answers to 3 Reflection Questions:
    • Introduce yourself, who are you?
    • As you look forward to your first year, what are you excited about and what are you anxious about?
    • What are you looking for in a mentor/mentee relationship?

2024 SAFE Voyage:

  • Voyage will start the week before classes begin, Saturday August 10th – August 16th. (Move In typically starts around 1PM)
  • Applications will be reviewed on a reoccurring basis throughout the summer. (Starting in June)
  • The earlier you apply the best chance you have in being accepted. (SAFE reached compacity the last two years)
  • If selected you will be emailed a registration link for Voyage to your Charlotte email account.
  • SAFE Voyage Move-in, SAFE students living on campus will move into their assignment for the Acadmeic Year (More information from Housing and Residence Life with move-in instructions to come).
  • Students who are not living on campus must make their own arrangements with their off campus housing provider.
  • SAFE Voyage costs $150. The fee includes: all meals for the week and SAFE swag. (Those who need financial assistance may apply for support)
  • Applications close at the end of June.

Things to Know About SAFE & SAFE VOYAGE:

  • You are required to come to all activities so it is imperative that you be willing to be open to meeting new friends.
  • We encourage you to participate in group activities, daily.
  • Time management is important so please try to be on time for program activities.
  • Communicate your needs to your SAFE Mentor or the program staff.
  • You must adhere to the UNC Charlotte Code of Student Responsibility
  • This is a year long program that does not end at SAFE Voyage.
  • We will host programs, workshops, community service opportunities, holiday functions and year-long raffle activities for participants
  • You may utilize office services; such as computers, free printing, professional staff support, etc.

For those who aren’t able to attend safe voyage:

We will still try to provide you with a mentor for the 2024-2025 academic year based upon program capacity. Applications for the Academic Year Program will open in July.

  • If you’d simply like a mentor for the year without attending SAFE Voyage, there is no charge for signing up for a mentor.
  • You will apply for the SAFE Mentor Program starting in July.
  • You will move on to campus during your regularly assigned date and time issued by university housing (you will not be granted early access to your housing assignment).
  • You will be paired with a mentor at our new mentee welcome reception held during the first week of classes.
  • Your mentor will remain with you throughout your first year.
  • You may participate in fun programs, academic workshops that are free of charge.

Questions? Contact us at 704.687.0363 or email us at