SAFE (Student Advising for Freshman Excellence) is a peer mentoring, academic readiness and transition support program designed to help students successfully matriculate through their first year at UNC Charlotte. SAFE is open to all first year students although it has a unique focus on students from historically marginalized backgrounds (students of color, first generation students, and low socioeconomic status).  Our programs ease the transition from high school to college and help minimize academic, social, and economic challenges by encouraging student to actively utilize and participate in UNC Charlotte support services, peer to peer support, secondary academic advising and raising awareness of various campus resources.

SAFE also combines academic support with personal development programming to encourage your academic achievement, positive self-concept and increased personal growth. Participation in SAFE helps students achieve not only the UNC Charlotte degree of choice but also a degree of excellence in your future.




First year students are matched up with upper class students called SAFE Mentors within their specific major or college. SAFE Counselors are:

  • Students with GPAs of 2.5 and higher.
  • Students trained in the areas of: mentoring, group dynamics, ethics, conflict resolution, and team building. SAFE Mentors also attend on going group training sessions which are mandatory throughout the academic year.
  • Students who are successfully involved in all aspects of the university
  • SAFE Counselors provide ongoing support for students dealing with academic, personal, and social issues.



  • Our program has a strong, lasting partnership with the Office of Academic Diversity and Inclusion who provide secondary advising and personal tutoring services for all program participants.
  • Our program provides monthly study hall programming sessions for those who work best in group settings.
  • Our program offers tutorial assistance from paid tutors and SAFE Mentors at no charge to program participants. 


Social adjustment to college is a major factor in the overall success of every college student. SAFE provides ongoing programs to help students connect with each other in various social settings.

  • SAFE Socials (Monthly)
  • Youth Outreach (on a volunteer basis)
  • Community Service Projects (bimonthly, on a volunteer basis)
  • Personalized Group Events (weekly)
  • Multicultural Events 
  • SAFE Voyage
  • SAFE Passage
  • SAFE Destination